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Danfoss AC Compressor

Danfoss Maneurop compressors are famous compressors and have been widely used throughout the world, Danfoss compressors are of excellent quality and are known as reliable products.
Danfoss is a large multinational company, has 24,000 employees worldwide, has a total of 59 factories in 18 countries, and has sold its products to 46 countries. With ISO 14001 certification, Danfoss proves that the quality of Compressor products manufactured has been well tested. In addition to producing compressors, Danfoss Compressors have a characteristic that is where the color is shiny blue, for the Indonesian market, compressor products are usually assembled in China, however, the quality of Danfoss Maneurop compressors is maintained well because Danfoss has a strict quality control system. Contact Master AC to get other AC compressor offers.