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oil compressor suniso 5GS
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Specification of oil compressor suniso 5GS

suniso compressor oil 5GS
sell suniso compressor oil 5GS AC master sells various kinds of suniso 5GS compressor oil including suniso 5GS compressor. Suniso 5GS compressor oil is a compressor oil with the best technology and selected material specifically designed for quality and safety and comfort for users. Suniso oil SL-S series (Oli Suniso Rl32, Oli Suniso Rl68) is a synthetic AC compressor oil (POE poly ester Oil) designed specifically for use of refrigeration compressors in refrigerators, freezers, coolers and industrial cooling systems using hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFC) . The SUNISO SL-S series has optimal solubility and has compatibility with HFC refrigerants such as R134a and R404A, R407c, R507. Suniso oil The SUNISO SL-S series is manufactured from ester-based polyols plus several types of additives, so as to display perfect and stable characteristics and have good thermal stability. With specifications:Density (15 ° C): 0.921 g / cm3
Color (ASTM): L1.0
Viscosity (40 ° C): 94.6 mm2 / s
Viscosity (100 ° C): 7.78 mm2 / s
Flash Point (COC): 208 ° C
Pour Point: -27.5 ° C
Total Acid No. : 0.01 mgKOH / g
Aniline Point: 80.4 ° C
Water: 20 ppm
Floc Point: -35 ° C

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