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We serve the installation of ac with various kinds of ac and ac. Masterac is the Cheapest installation service of Westac from Masterac. In the installation of our first ac must be to see the location of the installation of ac choose the right location to attach the indoor AC unit should choose a place that is opposite to outdoors. Also avoid direct sunlight and heat sources as this will interfere with the AC working system. The Indoor AC unit requires 15 cm of open space around the top and sides. Indoor air conditioner must be attached at least 2.13 m above ground. Then, plug the AC near the power source a maximum of 2 meters from the air conditioner. The walls must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the air conditioning unit. You can make wooden or iron frames to provide additional help. After knowing the location of the installation, the next is to install the iron plate air conditioning. The way is not as difficult as imagined. First, hold the slab on your wall that will be installed indoor AC later. The next step is to make a hole for the drain pipe. To do so, first, find the point for a pupae of drainage. Consider also the length of the pipes and the distance that the AC is Outdoor. Once everything is installed, then you just need to connect the pipe, choose where to install the indoor unit, connect the power, and remove the air and humidity from the cooling circuit. That's how the installation of air conditioning in your home.Bebr various kinds of AC brands out there but in terms of installation of air conditioning there are different difficulties. Masterac offers exciting offers for ac installation services in homes, offices, and apartments. We have attractive prices and promos for you.

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